Audio production

I have been playing with audio for many years, learning to create soundscapes for Left Handed Radio and many animation projects. Here are a few samples of my sound design and audio editing magic.


Nancy Screams the Hits

Brooklyn-based comedy duo Nancy (Michael Wolf and Colin O'Brien) enlisted me to edit their debut album. I worked on the sketch pieces on Nancy Screams the Hits.

You can listen to the entire album here, but I suggest you purchase a copy over at BandCamp as well. Nancy deserves your money.


The Grimm Life is a parody of NPR shows like "This American Life" with a fairy-tale twist. I co-produced the show with Anna Rubanova. I story produced, assembling raw interviews and segments into episodes, and also created soundscapes and arranged music for each episode. The Grimm Life is exclusive to Howl.FM, but you can listen to an episode below for free, courtesy of Earwolf Presents.


Here are a few video and audio examples of my audio editing and engineering.

Endless Coffee Shop Checkout || Above Average

Sales on Signs for Stores || Left Handed Radio (audio only)

Crash Cab || Above Average

The Spy's Younger Brother || Left Handed Radio
(audio only)