Left Handed Radio

I started in podcasting with Left Handed Radio, a sketch comedy team that created fully-produced sketch comedy shows. The group has created over 35 shows that stand alone as free comedy albums. You can listen through our library here.

While competing on a podcast reality show with Left Handed Radio, I met the fine people at The F Plus. Their show is a rotating cast of regulars reading to each other some of the dumbest, vilest, grossest, and most confusing things ever posted on the internet. They asked me to guest on an episode, and then, somehow, I joined their crew of regular readers. It's a lot of fun, but, boy, is it not safe for work. Listen to it with a pair of headphones you trust.

The Grimm Life is a parody of NPR shows like "This American Life" with a fairy-tale twist. I co-produced this Howl.FM exclusive show with Anna Rubanova. The Grimm Life stars Anna and Siobhan Thompson from CollegeHumor.com and more. I also perform several characters on the show, including Puss-N-Boots, which you can hear in this episode that aired on Earwolf Presents.